Mission and Vision

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The mission of the Williamson Street Art Center is to use artistic activity as a means of offering inspiration which will facilitate the growth of the creative spirit.

The Williamson Street Art Center strives to support individual and collective artistic expression by encouraging an exploration of material, form, content, connection, and approach.

The vision of the Williamson Street Art Center is to be more than an art school.

As an organization, it serves as a hub of artistic activity that reaches into the larger community through artist-in-residency programs and community arts projects.
As a place, it is a destination for people who hopefully return for inspiration, stimulation, and renewal. Visitors to the Williamson Street Art Center first discover art in the form of colorful paintings and found art sculpture in the front garden. As you enter the main building, you encounter the classroom spaces that periodically double as exhibition space. At times you will see instructor artwork on exhibit, as well as artwork by students. Next you can wander amid the gardens and ponds in back. At the rear of the property you will come upon the studio, partially hidden by trees, and marvel at the murals covering all 4 sides of the building.

We hope that your visit to the Williamson Street Art Center will brighten your day and enrich your life. Our intent is that you feel as if you have discovered an oasis on Williamson Street, and that this experience of art will be carried with you into other areas of your life.