2012 Prairie Phoenix Academy Residency

During the “We Rise Like the Phoenix” mural project, students from all 6 alternative programs helped create murals on 3 sides of the school building. The student-designed murals include important activities that happen at the school, inspirational slogans and mosaics. Funding for this phase of the project was provided by American Girl Fund for Children.

2012 San Pancho Mexico Mural Residency

During our second mural residency in Mexico, we are at a secondary school that has a special focus on marine biology and other studies of the sea. All students did preliminary sketches with Indira, the art teacher from Entreamigos, the local community center. Then 15 students who showed interest and aptitude – and whose grades allowed them to be away from their regular studies for a week – were chosen by the administration to participate in the project. The group was wonderful – and was joined by a couple of community members who contributed greatly to the project. The mural is right on the main street into town. You can’t miss it when you visit San Pancho! (short for San Fransisco) Photos were taken by Wendy Schneider.

2012 Guadalajara – Drexel Mural Dedication

My friend, Carmen Perez, the principal of Drexel Bilingual Elementary School, knows how to dedicate a mural! We had a formal flag ceremony, speeches, the waving of streamers while the kids sang "We Are the World" – in English – and enough tres leches cake to feed one hundred! Some days I am the luckiest person in the world!! All photos were taken by Wendy Schneider.

2011 Centro Hispano “The Journey of Our Food” Mural

This mural in Centro Hispano of Dane County’s new kitchen is one of a series of murals at Centro Hispano in Madison, WI. It was painted by West High School SAIL (Student Achievement through Individualized Learning)students, UW Office of Educational Opportunities Technology & Art students, and community members. It was funded by the Wisconsin Arts Baord and UW Office of Educational Opportunities.