Our Approach to Art

The Williamson Street Art Center has designed an approach to teaching art that is well thought out and tested.

Classes are conducted in a warm non-judgmental manner that will allow you to learn at your own rate. Making art this way will help build your confidence because the need to worry about “rightness” or “wrongness” is eliminated. You will solve esthetic and structural problems with your own hands, through your own creativity. The solution lies within you and will be true.

By making art, you rely upon your own instincts.
Researchers recognize the positive effect that making art has upon the brain whether it is a young brain that is developing, or an older brain that is trying to stave off stagnation.

By making art, you express yourself.
You can use art to comment upon the world and your place in it. Art provides you with a language that you can use as a poetic lens for viewing everyday reality and then expressing what you see.

By making art, you commune with artists throughout the ages.
Your own developing creativity will give you insight into the inner workings of the world’s great painters, poets, architects, and composers.

By making art, you experience the power of transformation.
Art can effect changes in your life that can be lasting. Because art is one of the primary sources of inquiry and inspiration, it can offer you rich stimulation, meaning, and hopefully, some fun!