Volunteer / Donate


Many people share their time, talents and financial resources to help make the vision of the Williamson Street Art Center a reality. Anyone who contributes to the Williamson Street Art Center participates in its on-going creation and shares in its dream.

There are various ways to get involved:


Wish List
Donate new and used art supplies and other items that can be put to use by our students.

We can use:
* Paper / paint/ paint brushes
* Pastels / craypas / stamp pads
* Scissors / wire / dowels
* Glue / glue for glue guns / glue guns
* Clay / plaster of Paris / grout / tile / broken pottery
* Picture frames / boxes that can be used for dioramas or art-in-boxes
* Lace / trim / yarn
* Sequins / glitter / stickers / stamps
* Costume jewelry / masks / other small items of interest
* Craft items / popsicle sticks / pipe cleaners / styrofoam balls
* Feathers / shells/ toys / broken toys / game pieces/ game boards
* Matt board / mat board pieces
* Treasures you haven’t put to use yourself

Volunteer at the Williamson Street Art Center!

Whether you have a few hours each week or just an afternoon once or twice a year, we can use your help.

* University students can gain internship experience assisting with art classes and/or with administration.
* High school students can gain community service experience assisting with art classes, organizing art supplies and helping to maintain the gardens.
* Parents and other community member can help prepare projects for art classes, collect supplies (see our WISH LIST), or contribute to the general upkeep of the center.

Thank you for your support and participation!