2013 “Story of Immigration” Mural at Centro Hispano

The “Story of Immigration” mural tells the story of people who endured hardships so that their children could have better lives. It starts with migrant work on Wisconsin farms – milking cows, tending fields, hauling produce to local canning factories. We see a typical family going to Centro Hispano, where they receive help in adjusting to the new environment, language, climate, food and customs, in addition to assistance in finding housing, jobs and schools. Next we see the children – graduates of higher education – celebrating with their families. The following panels depict the “Dream Act” important legislation that will allow young people brought here as children to start on a path toward citizenship. The final panel’s quote from cesar Chavez offers a message about the importance of giving back to one’s communuity. Funding for the project was provided by Dane Arts and the Madison Arts Commission.