Boxes, Assemblages, Collages & Drawings

Boxes, Assemblages, Collages & Drawings


“Words cannot describe the complexity of these pieces or the amazement they produce, but let me recommend these boxes filled with gleanings from Canadian antique stores, Mexico City market places, the dime stores of Laredo, Texas and St. Vincent’s in Madison. Purple wings tucked into a handkerchief of printed violets, faded photographs, holy cards, seashells, bangles, jewelry, velvet, holy statues, baby bracelets, little bones, mirrors, motors and sheets from old books.”
Michael Bonesteel, Isthmus Weekly Newspaper

“The most striking aspect of Ms. Flores’s (Kilfoy) work is the continuity and often poignancy she creates by skillfully assembling elements that are sometimes literal, sometimes abstract, yet always accessible.

“Her finest achievement is her understanding and control of mood. An ‘economic’ artist and a determined self-disciplinarian, Ms. Flores (Kilfoy) has mostly limited herself to small 3/D collage with found materials and mounted boxes. This practice has lent her product considerable refinement and technical assurance.

“Ms. Flores (Kilfoy) has demonstrated the universal appeal of her sculptural collage art all the way from prize-winning at major regional exhibits (such as Beloit College Annual) to attracting young people of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds to study and produce their own collage works.

“Hers is the perfect medium for ethnic expression and intergenerational communication.”
James Eatman, Director, Dane County Arts Council